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Welcome to Shijiazhuang Enric Gas Equipment Co., Ltd! More than 40 years of operating experience have allowed us to fine-tune product safety, stability, and performance. Be sure to browse the full catalogue for popular selections such as the CNG tube skid and the multi-element gas container! ENRIC--refined quality.

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Main products
    1. CNG Tube Trailer, Tube Skid (with 6-12 CNG Cylinders)The tube skid and tube trailer can supply CNG for daughter stations. The tube trailer can also be used to transport natural gas for family use. It offers an effective way of gas transmission.
    1. Tube Trailer, Tube Skid (For Industrial Gas Transportation)Our tube skid or tube trailer boasts high storage capacity as well as easy and efficient transportation.
      It takes little space and is easy to use. High-quality imported valves are used on our tube skids and tube trailers.
    1. Multiple Element Gas Container (MEGC)Multiple element gas containers we produce can be applied in tube trailer, ship container and fixed receiving station. They are suitable for central gas supply and large-scale gas consuming occasions.
    1. Cryogenic Semi-TrailerOur cryogenic semi-trailer adopts the insulation method of multilayer winding, achieving excellent insulation performance and low daily evaporation rate. As the cryogenic semi-trailer is widely used to transport LNG, it is usually referred to as...
    1. Cryogenic Storage TankWith the water volume of 10-239 m3 or 2642-63158 gallons, the cryogenic storage tank, mainly used to store LNG, adopts perlite or multilayer winding for thermal insulation. It is designed and produced in accordance with ASME code ...
    1. Cryogenic Tank ContainerDesigned with unique internal structure, our cryogenic tank container has excellent insulation property. Thus are suitable for long-distance lossless LNG transportation. Humanized pipeline design makes for safe and convenient operation.